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Wuhan COVID19 ncov2019 Coronavirus: Best Resources

Created: 2020-01-31 ; Updated: 2020-02-16

Here’s my up-to-date summary of the best information I know about the COVID19 coronavirus stalking Wuhan and the rest of the world.

Must-read Sinocism Bill Bishop’s newsletters


I would be surprised if we are back to any kind of normalcy by April even in a best case scenario.

The Climate science site Watts Up With That has several recent and detailed posts worth reading.

The Reddit forum r/Coronavirus is a lightly-moderated source for news and rumors. See especially r/china_flu for the best independent expert summary of what is currently known.

Current Statistics “Official” website for r/Coronavirus

The Johns-Hopkins CSEE site has the best overall summary of cases. (and they publish the raw data as a Google Sheet)

If you read Chinese, the best summary is here. See a map of cases near you

The official WHO map and situation reports is another promising map by developers in Taiwan, but I had some trouble getting it to work well on all my machines.


“Analysis of Wuhan Coronovirus”: (Feb 1) 90-page eBook by LSU emeritus professor and virologist William Gallaher is a technical introduction for curious non-experts who want to understand details of this virus. free download

Phylogenetic analysis from the open source Github-based nextstrain.


Highly-respected healthtech news site STAT has lifted the paywall for all their coronavirus news. Updated daily.

Liveleak has an 8-minute video of shocking scenes taken around Wuhan.

Business Implications

China Law Blog warns:

“Coronavirus likely will constitute a force majeure event for your Chinese counter-parties and this will mean they can breach their contracts with you without much if any legal repercussion. This also likely means some Chinese companies that are not yet truly impacted by the coronavirus will seek to use the virus as a basis for terminating or breaching or revising their contract with you.”

What it’s like in China

An anonymous Chinese journalist wrote a lengthy perspective that argues the Chinese government’s “dramatic action” to fight the virus comes second after the need to maintain the Communist Party’s grip on power. [via @benthompson]

A (now-censored) article by the respected Chinese business magazine Caijing argues that the death statistics out of Wuhan are grossly underreported. A shortage of test kits combined with a systemic fear by officials to report bad news results in automatic cremation and mislabeling of the cause of death. Google Translate version

Scary news, possibly fake, from a Taiwan website that claims a Tencent site briefly listed 10x the number of infections and deaths, hinting that the government keeps two sets of statistics.

No doubt out of boredom from being cooped up all day, several people (mostly students) in Wuhan are uploading vlog diaries to Youtube. In Chinese, there’s a very well-produced one here.

Then there’s this:

Walking around without a protective face mask? Well, you can't avoid these sharp-tongued drones! Many village and cities in China are using drones equipped with speakers to patrol during the #coronavirus outbreak.

— Global Times (@globaltimesnews) January 31, 2020