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Popular new foods

Created: 2019-06-28 ; Updated: 2019-06-28

Part 2 of my series of notes on presentations at the Personalized Nutrition Innovation Summit in June 2019

Food marketing research company Datassential says these are the fastest-growing new flavors popular food flavors

They have a database of every new restaurant opening in the country, and they say the hottest restaurant trends are:

Best new flavorings:

  1. nduja (a type of sausage)
  2. aleppo pepper (a turkish thing)
  3. Furikake (Yes!)
  4. shakshuka (Israeli egg+tomato dish)

Hottest new items on restaurant menus:

  1. chia seeds
  2. bee pollen
  3. turmeric
  4. spirulina

and also:

  1. “adaptogen”
  2. “sea buckthorn”

They really like the midwest chain “True Food Kitchen”

GenZ wants “new for new’s sake”, versus boomers who want health or other items mor

They distinguish among several overall trends in the past 25 years to show how the food industry is changing: