Viome Recommendations


I have several years worth of Viome results (located here), but how can I easily tell which recommendations have changed from test to test?

This is some R code to calculate the differences.

You have an Excel table of previous Viome food recommendations and you’d like to see which ones have changed.

The table looks like this:

Viome Recommendations
Food Oct-22 Oct-20 May-20
Abalone Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy
Anchovies Superfood Superfood Enjoy
Apple Enjoy Avoid Enjoy

I want to generate a table showing just those rows that changed. Ideally, I’ll turn this into a simple plot showing how specific food recommendations change over time.

Foods with changed recommendations since the last test

# Remove non-Viome columns and any rows where results haven't changed for the last three tests.
viome_file_df %>% count()
viome_file_df %>%  filter(`Oct-22`==`Oct-20`) %>% select(1:3)

Foods whose recommendation has changed since the last test

viome_file_df %>%  filter(`Oct-22`!=`Oct-20`) %>% select(1:3)

Food recommendation counts per test

x <- rbind(viome_file_df %>% count(`Oct-22`)  %>% t()  %>% as_tibble() %>% slice(2),
      viome_file_df %>% count(`Oct-20`) %>% (t) %>% as_tibble() %>% slice(2))
Warning: The `x` argument of `as_tibble.matrix()` must have unique column names if
`.name_repair` is omitted as of tibble 2.0.0.
ℹ Using compatibility `.name_repair`.
names(x) <- c(c("Avoid","Minimize","Enjoy","Superfood"),"NA")
x$date <- c("Oct-22","Oct-20")
x <- x %>% relocate(1:5,.after = last_col())
x %>% knitr::kable()
date Avoid Minimize Enjoy Superfood NA
Oct-22 31 160 25 27 2
Oct-20 14 149 40 31 11