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I work on projects that make it easy for normal people to understand their microbiome test results. If you’ve tested yourself with Viome, DayTwo, Zoe, Thryve, Psomagen, uBiome or others, please contact me and I’ll be happy to help you.

Browse or download Personal Science Guide to the Microbiome, my free 300+ page eBook of pretty much everything I know about the microbiome.

Best Links

My October 2020 review of the new ZOE microbiome-based personalized nutrition app.

The Feed Global Podcast Jun 2020 one hour interview about my latest beliefs.

I also manage Personal Science and the Microbiome on Medium.

Microbiome Labs: How Actionable Are They Today? In the Future?: Podcast interview with Damien Blenkinsopp

Surfing the Microbiome: Interview with Mark Swanson in Naturopathic Doctor News & Review.

“So Should I Eat Apples or Not?" My review of the Viome microbiome gut test.

“When a Double-Chocolate Brownie is Better for You Than Quinoa” My review of the new DayTwo microbiome testing app. Published by NEO.LIFE

Fusicatenibacter Is Associated With Kefir Drinking My preprint academic paper, submitted to peer review, about a microbe association I discovered in a self-experiment.

How does kombucha affect the microbiome Tracking my microbiome while drinking kombucha.

Peeking into a Baby Biome: Investigating a baby and her mother.

Richard Sprague: "Microbiome Gut Cleanse" from Quantified Self on Vimeo.

My presentation at a Quantified Self meetup in San Francisco 2016.

My Sample Results

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Reports I received from common microbiome providers. Study these if you’re curious what results will look like, or if you’d like to compare yours to mine.

Zoe New app from

Microba Australia-based, now available for clinicians in the US

Elsavie Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies (TFTAK) of Estonia

Psomagen GutBiome+ WGS microbiome report from a US-based lab using the Microba engine.




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uBiome official Python Utilities Open source Python module for analyzing your uBiome results.

How to interpret your uBiome results: My article in O’Reilly’s BioCoder.

More Posts

Most of these are available in final form at, but I often post them here first, sometimes along with the detailed source code I used to generate the results.

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