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Studying back-to-back microbiome results

Created: 2019-06-09 ; Updated: 2019-06-19

I sampled my gut microbiome three times over the month of May: once on May 1st and again on May 28th and May 29th.

Interestingly, the May 29th sample was taken after ingesting 250mg of Reducose the day before, giving me a hint at how Reducose may affect my microbiome.

Here are the unique taxa found in the first sample (before Reducose) but not the second (genus level):

Unique %
Caldicoprobacter 0.0023
Enterobacter 0.0119
Fastidiosipila 0.0059
Megasphaera 0.0035
Murdochiella 0.0023
Prevotella 0.0083
Slackia 0.0071

and here are those that appeared suddenly a day after ingesting Reducose:

Extinct %
Anaerofustis 0.0045
Bacillus 0.0022
Brevibacterium 0.0068
Christensenella 0.0034
Corynebacterium 0.0091
Eisenbergiella 0.0034
Leuconostoc 0.0137
Peptoniphilus 0.0022
Planomicrobium 0.0022

and a heatmap:

Finally, let’s see which new microbes showed up between the beginning of the month and before taking the pre-Reducose sample:

Unique %
Anaerococcus 0.0138
Anaerofustis 0.0037
Brevibacterium 0.0326
Coprobacillus 1.9770
Corynebacterium 0.1093
Eisenbergiella 0.6699
Facklamia 0.0025
Hespellia 0.0439
Oligella 0.0100
Peptoniphilus 0.0075
Planomicrobium 0.0025
Porphyromonas 0.0201
Pseudoclavibacter 0.0163
Rhodococcus 0.0062
Staphylococcus 0.0037
Succiniclasticum 0.0062

and the unique microbes that showed up during the same period:

Extinct %
Aggregatibacter 0.0023
Butyrivibrio 0.0107
Granulicatella 0.0023
Haemophilus 0.0071

Interestingly, three of the microbes that were present before disappeared after the Reducose. Although this is a very tentative analysis based on one person, with only three samples, without additional evidence it points to some microbes I’d want to watch more seriously next time.