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Testing my COVID-19 Antibodies With Serimmune

Created: 2022-01-25 ; Updated: 2022-01-25

I volunteered recently to participate in a fascinating COVID-19 study sponsored by Serimmune, a company in Southern California that is working on some low-cost antibody tests.

Oddly, despite being fully-vaxxed and boosted, I apparently have antibodies to only one of the proteins on the virus:

Does this make me more susceptible to a real-life exposure?

I compared myself to an unvaccinated friend who unfortunately succumbed to the virus recently. Thankfully now fully-recovered, here are those test results for comparison:

As you can see, this person’s immune system appears way more knowledgeable about the various COVID-related proteins. Compared to those results, am I more vulnerable now to future variants than if I had been naturally infected?

You can see my full reports here:

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