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Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet Day 1

Created: 2019-11-29 ; Updated: 2020-08-27

My first day on the fast is pretty easy. I regularly go without food in the mornings anyway, so I had no real hunger until late in the morning. At around 1pm I indulged in the first item on the menu.

First Day: Lunch

Figure 1: First Day: Lunch

Fairly sparse, but doable.

Dinner was similarly bare, but included another of those 230 calorie L-Bars.


Figure 2: Dinner

All told, I consumed about 1100 calories on Day 1 – around half of what a person my size should be eating. That amount of food isn’t entirely satisfying, but coming the day after Thanksgiving, if anything it feels like a reasonable break.

Those soups are high in carbohydrates, though, so my glucose for the day shows some hefty spikes:

Day 1 Glucose Levels

Figure 3: Day 1 Glucose Levels