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What is Health Nucleus

Created: 2019-07-19 ; Updated: 2019-07-19

I had thought Craig Ventor’s Human Longevity Inc was pretty much washed up when he quit in 2018 and they had to write off something like 80% of their valuation. Although the published results from their first few hundred customers seemed promising — 40% of self-described healthy people had a clinical-significant medical issue — mainstream experts were quick to dismiss the findings.

But apparently they’re still going strong after rebranding to Health Nucleus and changing their strategy to focus on a more general audience than their original “billionaire” market.

from Startuphealth (Apr 2019)

Until recently, the price of this premium assessment at the Health Nucleus was $25,000—out of reach for most Americans. Health Nucleus is currently rolling out a standard version of the service for $5,500 called the HN Core. This program takes just two and a half hours, and patients can use health savings plans toward payment. Still expensive as far as preventive medicine goes, but quite a bit cheaper than late-stage cancer treatment.

With that price drop, the Health Nucleus evaluation is now reaching a wider population—over 3,000 people to date—and building out its database of patient data, comprised of tens of thousands of sequenced genomes. Every patient who undergoes testing helps the algorithms become smarter. Of the men over 59 who did the diagnostic, 2.5 percent had high-grade prostate cancer and didn’t know it.

Their new CEO David Karow explains in a podcast that as genomic sequencing costs decline, they think they can lower their price to $2500. Meanwhile they’re also expanding to multiple sites and by the end of 2019 they’ll be in Florida, Los Angeles, and Scottsdale Arizona.

They’re also apparently trying to set up a partnership program that would certify more physicians and imaging centers:

Officially added to my list of future medicine companies to watch.