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Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Start Here

Created: 2019-01-19 ; Updated: 2019-01-19

I’ve been tracking my glucose levels 24 x 7 using a continuous glucose monitor from Abbott Labs called the Freestyle Libre. Read all about it in my new article at NEO.LIFE: “Personalized health advice every 60 seconds”.

Here are the slides from a presentation I gave to the Seattle Quantified Self Show & Tell #31 (January 2019) (also available on Youtube).

Quantified Self Seattle January 2019 : Continuous Glucose Monitoring from Richard Sprague

Read (and edit!) my Continuous Glucose Monitoring Hackers Guide for details for how to get started, plus as many resources as I know about other apps and links that you might find useful for beginning your own CGM analysis.

I’ve written some R code to automatically generate some fancy charts using my CGM data. You can see it all in my Github repo.

my latest CGM chart

my latest CGM chart

Or you can play with a live version of all my CGM data at this link.