Note: I’m working on a major new project to make it easy for normal people to understand their microbiome test results. Meanwhile, if you have test results from uBiome or others, please contact me and I’ll be happy to help you (if you give me your data!)

How to interpret your uBiome results: My article in O’Reilly’s BioCoder.

How does kombucha affect the microbiome My experiment tracking my daily microbiome before/after drinking kombucha.

uBiome official Python Utilities Open source Python module for analyzing your uBiome results.

Peeking into a Baby Biome: Investigating a baby and her mother.

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Posts to the uBiome blog

Experimenting with a gut cleanse: before/during/after results from a one-month experiment.

Hacking my sleep with uBiome and an update.

Looking into my mouth microbiome: testing myself at the dentist.

One week change in my microbiome: a before/after test with detailed food tracking.

My microbiome in the jungle: how my gut biome changed during a trip to Central America.

Technical uBiome posts

What do I do with my raw data?

Invitation to the uBiome open source repository

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How to analyze a uBiome sample in Excel