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Reducose Experiments

Created: 2019-05-25 ; Updated: 2019-05-25

this is a draft posting…I’ll be updating it as I complete my experiments and analysis

Some friends at Phynova heard about my CGM experiments and asked me to try their new supplement, Reducose, which contains a proprietary extract of Mulberry leaves which they claim can reduce a person’s glucose response by up to 40% with no side effects. I’ve been testing it on myself to find out.

Reducose supplements

Figure 1: Reducose supplements

It seemed very effective when I tried it with different types of bread.

So I tried with some Quaker Oats Granola and milk, whose high sugar content usually produces a big glucose spike:

Quaker Oats Granola with milk (two servings)

Figure 2: Quaker Oats Granola with milk (two servings)

Then I tried it with some salmon and rice:

a banana:

And finally, with oatmeal

Each of these experiments was performed on a separate day, on an empty stomach.

I also tried to understand how much Reducose will affect meals later in the day. After one of the banana experiments above, I waited three hours for my glucose to stablize again and then I ate some whole wheat chips.

I don’t have conclusions yet because so many factors can influence this data and I’m not certain about my analysis. Stay tuned!